I had no idea you were such a good listener.

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You know what the first rule of flying is? Well, I suppose you do, since you already know what I’m about to say.

I do. But I’d like to hear you say it.

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Teen Wolf Meme: [3/6] Relationships » Lydia Martin & Scott McCall

We knew one of them was gonna be important to you. And know we know it’s Lydia.

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the only “hot action” going on in my bedroom is my laptop burning my skin

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Teen Wolf 30 Day Challenge:

Day Thirteen: Favorite Isaac Moment

"your taking it’s pain away."

This scene is just so sweet it gives me diabetes, literally why I started loving Isaac. Isaac comes into the animal clinic to speak to Scott when he sees a dog on the table surrounded by Scott and Deaton. He catches an unusual scent and Scott explains to him that the dog is sick, reason for the unusual smell. Isaac can feel the pain from the animal and seems to be genuinely hurt when they tell him the dog in fact has cancer. Staring intently at the harmless animal Deaton takes his hand guiding it on the fluffy fur. Almost immediately without a thought he begins to absorb the pain, black veins appearing on his hands and arms. what I really find amazing is the fact that he didn’t even have to try, like Scott who we’ve seen preform this ability several times he had to take a second to concentrate before the process eventually began. But with Isaac it was different. He doesn’t show it but inside he wants more than anything to help his animal, you see it in his eyes they way he can’t remove them from the sick puppy. He knows more than anyone what it’s like to feel helpless, alone, like the dying animal before him. So without thought, without practice, like an instinct he takes the pain away. It brings him to tears, and he tries to hide it because he probably doesn’t want them to see him so vulnerable. Scott notices, saying, “It’s okay, I cried the first time too.” It isn’t until Scott says that that he lifts his face reveling a beautiful smile (seen above) and glazed eyes. This is the first time we see him smile, actually smile and it’s heartbreaking. He’s still a child, trying to find his way and the people who can accept him for who he is. This is a start of a great friendship between Isaac and Scott. I’m devastated he didn’t return. Thank you Daniel Sharman for bringing such a beautiful character to life, even if it was only for awhile.